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Goris Crochet started in 2010 with the help of Timothy Straight, the honorary consul of Finland and Norway in Armenia and the founder of Homeland Handicrafts (now Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF)) and the women of the Goris Women’s Development Resource Center Foundation (GWDRC). The purpose of this project is to increase the role of women in the economic sphere and to aid in the creation and development of women’s entrepreneurship.

So how does Goris do this? They develop a wide variety of hand-crocheted, high quality items. Then, Goris finds women who are interested in employment and trains them. With the help of our partners we find markets for these items and well, sell them!

What started as a small project focused on a handful of products has now grown into a year round operation providing jobs for over 60 women and producing well over 100 different types of products.

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